Becoming a Member

Every new members must complete the, online, Homenetmen New Member Application. Here are a few things you should know:

1) BEFORE JOINING, speak to the Athletic Director (if you would like to join a team) and/or the Scouting liaison or troop leader (if you’d like to join scouts). Get all the information about team/troop availability, member/parent responsibilities and additional costs as applicable.

2) Click on the link below to find out what you need and instructions to complete the Homenetmen Membership Application.

How to complete the Homenetmen New Member Application

3) If you have contacted the Athletic and/or Scouts leaders, click on the link below to complete the Homenetmen Membership Application online.

Click here to complete the Homenetmen New Member Application online

4) Only after you receive email confirmation that your application was submitted successfully, click on the link below to make your payment.

Click here for payment options

Membership dues are required at the time of application. Members with unpaid dues will not be allowed to participate in athletic tournaments, or scouting activities

Annual Membership fees*



Enrollment** (1st time or re-joining or transferring to Shant Chapter)

Additional Participation Fees



Tiny Tots Basketball (ages 5-8)

Regular Basketball (all ages)


Paid in Full









Installment Plan









* Membership is for the calendar year – regardless of when you join

A down payment of 30% starts the installment plan, balance to be completed on or before October 31, 2024

Scouts participating in Basketball or Soccer program receive $50 Discount

** All new members and transferring members