Homenetmen Shant Soccer is not just another soccer academy or soccer club. Our coaching credo is a trio of pillars: encourage, guide and develop. These three pillars are the bases of every practice, team meeting, game, and tournament. We believe the fun, safe and family-friendly environment that we offer is crucial for the development of every child – not only a positive energy that gets transferred to the soccer field, but transfers to their life outside soccer as well.

Winning is an important part of any competitive sport, and we at Shant don’t discount winning by any means. We are proud to say that we have won several Navasartian and other Homenetmen championships in different age groups. However, a crucial part of winning is understanding that winning is a result. Certain tools are needed to excel to win, such as having positive self-esteem, good sportsmanship, team work, mastering abilities, discipline and learning from losses or mistakes – and of course, we do all of the above in a fun and friendly environment, which makes our soccer program stand out among others.

For more information please contact:
Hamlet Ghazanian