Vartkes Shekherdimian Bio

Yeghpyre Vartkes Shekherdimian was born on August 28, 1949 in Baghdad, Iraq to a family filled with Armenian spirit. He was the oldest child of Aram and Almasd Shekherdimian’s five children, consisting of four brothers and one sister.

He received his elementary education from the local Catholic school, and his secondary education from the Al-Sharqia Secondary School in Baghdad. Thereafter, he attended college and majored in Business Administration. He then started his own company, which he operated while living in Baghdad.

In 1967, he became a member of the Homenetmen Baghdad Chapter as a scout, where he was entrusted with a great deal of organizational and volunteer work as a result of his diligence and hard work.

In 1974, he relocated to the United States with his family and settled in Glendale, California. He specialized in plumbing, and started his own personal company.

In 1977, Yeghpyre Vartkes met and married Leone Magarian. The couple had two children, Shant and Talar, who were also raised in the Homenetmen organization, filled with Armenian pride and spirit. Shant was previously a scout, and later a scout leader, of the Homenetmen Shant Chapter. Talar was also a scout, and volleyball coach, for the Homenetmen Ararat Chapter. Both their children married, and have given the Shekherdimian family five grandchildren—Sarin, Aram, Ani, Monte and Vatche.

After achieving much success in his personal career, Yeghpyre Vartkes joined the ranks of the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter in 1986. He served on a number of committees, and brought his participation to furthering the work and activities of the chapter.

Given the growing number of Armenians in the Crescenta Valley community, a group of Homenetmen members collectively formed the Homenetmen Shant Chapter in 1993. Yeghpyre Vartkes was a founding and executive member of the chapter. He strengthened the newly established chapter by actively volunteering, and served as a member, executive member, and chairperson, striving to give rise to the chapter and its activities.

Yeghpyre Vartkes for years was in active service within the Homenetmen organization. As a result of his leadership qualities, organizational abilities, dedication, and volunteerism, he was entrusted with numerous leadership positions. He served five terms as a member of the Homenetmen Regional Executive, as well as committee responsibilities for the Navasartian Organizing Committee, including its opening and closing ceremonies, the Navasartian Victory Banquet, and Festival.

Other than his wife, children and grandchildren, Yeghpyre Vartkes was most proud when Homenetmen Shant Chapter requested and Homenetmen Regional Executive Board accepted and awarded Yeghpyre Vartkes with the region’s highest medal, the Homenetmen Service Medal. And was selected as the 2019 Exemplary Homenetmen Member. This title is bestowed once a year, upon an individual Homenetmen member, in the region, whose character, organizational abilities, and dedication serves as a prime example for others to follow.

Yeghpyre Vartkes considered Homenetmen as a school, where he learned and inherited the courage to overcome any difficulties in life. Through the organization, he had gained a wide circle of friends and volunteered in a healthy environment, for which he was most grateful.

His respect, admiration, and belief in Homenetmen serves as a prime example for coming generations.

“Not only has being a member of Homenetmen enriched my knowledge, yet it has also brought significant meaning to my life. Homenetmen is my second home, where I have created so many lasting and unforgettable memories. It is my sincere hope that our future generations become members of this organization, believe in its mission, further its objectives, and follow the ‘Elevate Yourself and Others with You’ motto.”  Vartkes Shekherdimian, 2019.

We will miss him, but never forget him.